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We are celebrating 21 years of creative product Design, Development and manufacturing Supply of exciting and successful products around the world.
From humble beginnings in 1998 when Kim Scott formed Idea, to the 2010 formation of Idea-China, to the present day NZ team of six and manufacturing operation in China.
Idea’s mission to ‘exceed expectations through holistic design’ remains unchanged in proving; Industrial Designed Engineering Answers (IDEA).

  Happy 21st – History of Idea Developments

With such a diverse field of design and product sectors it is impossible to single out one successful design from another when considering the numbers;
  250+   Number of past and present client success
2000+  Number of concept, prototype and finished product designs
  125+  Number of production tools built
We have however selected a few examples of interest to share with you.

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What's Coming Up

Next issue we showcase how concept designs can expand market opportunities, exciting potential customers early in your new product development valuation.

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