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We look at how Idea Developments is helping change the way builders and construction companies lay concrete foundations with a fully featured unique boxing brace system, providing increased accuracy and reduced labour costs to that of traditional timber pegged bracing methods.
Idea's proven strategic Design, Development and Manufacture process provided the complete solution exceeding our client's vision of a finished product with sales to match.

  ProBrace – Concrete Foundation System

When qualified builder Aaron George approached Idea he already knew there was a need for improved technology in the way boxing/ formwork is built. The challenge was then how to create a patentable, functional bracing system design with a difference, ready for production and supply.
Through Idea's design and development process a series of concept designs and mock-ups were created and tested to validate the design direction. Idea’s team then engineered and developed the design through to tooling, production and in-house assembly of the ProBrace.

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What's Coming Up


Next month we review how Idea is working with a leading Australian Vacuum Cleaner firm, providing design solutions and factory level support.

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