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We look at how computer simulations and engineering analysis can reduce development time during the design process, and potential component or product failure.
Idea’s Design and Development process identifies the advantages of integrating FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulations as part of the design process, providing earlier insight into component strength/weakness and potential weight/cost reductions.

  FEA Simulation – Strength/Weight Optimisation

The balance between ‘over-engineering’ and ‘cost targets’ has always been a challenge in the design process. On the one hand over-engineering reduces failure rates, and on the other hand material weight savings offer easy cost reductions, but can introduce uncertainty with life expectancy or unforeseen breakages. Idea integrates FEA Simulations as part of their design optimisation process, providing early insight into strength performance and material/weight reductions.
This simulation example illustrates an optimised Plastic Clamp design without failure.

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Next issue we take a look deeper look into how Idea’s proven Design, Develop & Supply process can assist your next project.

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