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We look at how Idea Developments is helping their clients accelerate new product development through the ‘proof-of-concept' phase reducing risk and providing a clear development path forward.
Idea’s holistic approach to product design captures the benefits of building fast and efficient mock-up product models during the design and development phase(s) for early proof of product concept.

  Product Mock-Up Models – Proof of Concept

In these challenging times it is important to evaluate the likely success of a product concept as early as possible during the development phase to ensure the final product outcome is viable.
Idea utilises a wide array of mock-up build techniques for model making including; soft (blue) foam, clay sculpturing, 3D Printing, engineering fabrication and general workshop skills to develop a wide range of mock-up models fit for purpose.

The following products examples all started with ‘proof-of-concept’ mock-up development.

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What's Coming Up

Next issue we look back at what a year 2020 has been, changes we experienced and productive outcomes achieved.

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