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We look at how Idea Developments is helping their clients showcase new product designs well before prototype models or production samples are available for marketing.
Idea’s holistic approach to product design embodies the benefits of early market validation during the design and development phase(s) by generating virtual computer model images.

  3D Computer Render – Showcase a design

In these challenging times it is important to validate a design during the development phase(s) to ensure the final outcome (investment) is aligned correctly with the marketplace.
Idea uses the very latest in 3D CAD modelling software (NX by Siemens) for computer modelling and generation of technical and marketing style rendered images to showcase the design.

These product images are computer renders all generated in 3D CAD.

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What's Coming Up

Next issue we look at how product mock-up models assist with early functional testing and form validation of the design.

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