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We look at how Idea Developments build prototype components in production materials for real world testing.  At Idea we recognise the strong benefits with early product testing via our Prototype Process, with test results assisting the design and engineering process.
Our prototypes help validate the design and engineering process by providing tangible feedback from; industry experts, customers (end users) and even proving early sales.

  Performance Prototypes

When a Leading Dairy Industry Supply company approached Idea they were at a cross road. Having already rapid prototyped (3D Printed) several parts as part of their 'proof of concept' process, they were still looking to 'real world' test and validate the 'product' prior to committing to production tooling.
Idea's team of design engineers reviewed the test requirements and prepared a prototype program, producing 30 part sets in a variety of production materials for real world 'Milking Shed' testing.
End result; tangible test results, design refinements and production tooling started all ahead of schedule with reduced risk and on budget.

To learn more about Idea’s prototype capabilities click 'here'


What's Coming Up


Next issue we profile one of Idea's designers and take a look at the recognition he is receiving from a number of design competitions.

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