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We look at how integrating design with engineering can reduce development time, delivering proven finished ready-to-sell products to the market sooner.
Idea’s Design and Development process identifies the advantages in delivery of early marketing models for sign-off, along with evaluating performance at the same time. This approach provides an equal balance between design and engineering in the finished product design without delay.

  Mega Gulper Vacuum Head – Resolved in 8wks

When an Australian product engineering & testing firm approached Idea, on behalf of their client, they recognised the difficultly in combining visual design aesthetics with engineering (airflow) requirements. Idea’s Industrial Design team developed a strategic plan combining early aesthetic product resolve concurrent with engineered requirements. Time reducing milestones included Idea’s build of working (ready to test), marketable prototypes early in the process, resulting in early tooling/ manufacturing sign off, and pre-sale marketing of the Mega Gulper.

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What's Coming Up


Next issue we review one of Idea’s latest product designs to hit the market, and how Idea evolved this product from concept to production-ready hand over.

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