Idea Developments is a leading product design, development and manufacturing company established in 1998.
IDEA has developed a holistic, easy to follow 3 Staged - 8 Phase process called Design | Development | Supply, providing the complete product design/development and manufacturing process, from Industrial Design to Engineering to providing Answers for your project or product idea.


Idea's industrial designers start our 8 phase approach with, research, creative conceptual sketches; mock-up and 'hand crafted' form study models, to evolve and refine the design as it comes to life.

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Idea's design engineers use the latest 3D CAD identify and apply engineering disciplines. Using techniques including ‘design for manufacture’ and ‘performance prototype' samples.

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Idea's manufacturing and product assembly operates from our Idea-China facility located in Shenzhen China, where we provide customised and profitable manufacturing solutions.

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Our  Process

Idea's 8 Phases of Design | Development | Supply

Phase 1 | Research

Idea’s industrial design research; identifies the aesthetics; ergonomics; user experience (UX); demographic; patent (IP) and marketing needs of a product and design brief confirmation.

Phase 2 | Concept

Idea’s concept sketch process evolves the product brief into an early visual presentation showcasing aesthetic styling direction; product features; and engineering intent.

Phase 3 | Form Study

Idea’s designers 'hand craft' form study models to further assist aesthetic and ergonomic resolve of visually demanding products, literally bringing concepts to life.

Phase 3.1 | Mock-Up

Idea’s mock-up model build techniques provide an early insight to product performance, size/proportion, and weight/balance; which are important factors for early proof of concept.

Phase 4 | Engineering

Idea’s design engineers work with the very latest in 3D CAD modelling software from Siemens NX as they capture complex surfaces, and detail working product assemblies at high-level engineering performance resolve.

Phase 5 | Prototype

Idea specialises in producing prototypes that perform in a variety of production-quality materials and appearance; validating and showcasing the product to the market before tooling investment.

Phase 6 | Specification

Idea’s design specifications ensure critical areas of the design function and appearance are clearly communicated in product instruction manuals, engineering drawings, Patent applications and through to manufacturing.

Phase 7 | Tooling

Idea’s NZ-based design and engineering team provide tool designs with ‘off-tool’ checks, to efficiently manage the tooling process. Our China-based team provides the 'hands-on' assistance ensuring quality, efficiency, and supply to meet your requirements.

Phase 8 | Production

Idea’s dedicated manufacturing/sourcing solution provides the complete supply service of produced components, products and sourced goods including; PSI quality audits, 'door-to-door' freight forwarding; importation; and local delivery, to meet your requirements.


Years at Work




Finished Projects



Manufacturing Idea-China

Idea-China is part of the Idea Group and based in Shenzhen, China with focus on custom manufacture and in-house assembly; providing a secure, quality controlled environment for your products.
Our sustainable manufacturing facility is approved by the Habitat Environment Commission of Shenzhen City.

Manufacturing and Supply Solutions

  • NZ Design Engineers

    Idea-NZ Design Engineers work closely with our Idea-China team providing Design, Engineering, Quality Control (QC) Specifications and Guidance, all monitoried from our Idea-NZ design studio.

  • Tooling & Manufacture

    Idea-China offers tooling and manufacturing input during the design & development process, and Idea-NZ’s Design engineers are often deployed to Idea - China’s Shenzhen office to assist with tooling, samples and production.

  • In-house assembly

    Idea-China’s core competencies are based around custom manufacture and in-house assembly providing a secure, quality controlled environment for finished products. This is complemented with controlled out-sourcing of specialised components to complete in-house product assembly.

  • Quality Control & Shipping

    Idea-China specialises in in-house engineering and quality control management, with independent audits. We provide 'hands-on' assistance ensuring quality and efficiency, and offer the option to warehouse your goods as well as 'door-to-door' freight forwarding and importation.

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Our Clients About Us

The design team at Idea strive to create close working relationships with all our clients from design concept to manufacture.

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